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Lyric Feature – Terminal Butterfly by Nicole Lexi Davis

Song commentary for this album by Nicole Davis. Writing for me has always been a primary way I like to express myself creatively as well as emotionally. Again and again, it’s proven to be an incredibly powerful outlet because it allows me to say many things I couldn’t say otherwise. As a medium—music itself (and […]

Plain-White-T-s-APR2011 Interviews

Interview – Plain White T’s

Q: So your next album, All That We Needed, is now slated for release in January on Fearless Records. It’s been about two years since you released Stop… what has the band been doing to stay busy between records? De’Mar: Well, we have done a lot and a lot of touring. That’s basically the only […]

TheAcademyIs Interviews

Interview – The Academy Is

Q: Adam, your band has established itself more and more on the scene with a growing fanbase and a successful self-titled album. Is the pace at which you’ve been achieving this success what you’d expected starting out? Adam: During the fall of 2003, Bill–our singer–and I had been attempting to start a rock band. He […]

The+Hush+Sound+hushsound Interviews

Interview – The Hush Sound

For the past couple weeks, you guys have been playing dates in Europe in preparation for the release of your new album, Like Vines. So tell me, honestly… has the confidence you have in your art allowed you to have ever predicted one day being here, doing all this? Greta: When we first started, Bob […]

BoysLikeGirls Features

Lyric Feature – Boys Like Girls by Boys Like Girls

Song commentary for this album by Martin Johnson. When I write lyrics, they flow naturally from personal experience and emotions from places, people, and times in my life. We write all our songs’ music first, then melody, then lyrics… with lyrical inspiration driven from how the music and melody sonically hits you. Tackling every song […]

falloutboy4 Interviews

Interview – Fall Out Boy

So Pete, you’re a founding member of the band Fall Out Boy… what’s been new with the band recently? Pete: Well, we’re on tour with Taking Back Sunday… we’re getting ready to record for our full-length for Island/Def Jam in November and December… that’s pretty much it. How’s touring with Taking Back Sunday been? Pete: […]

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